Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : M. Sc.
  • Experience : 11 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Magneto Optics

Skills and Knowledge

Theoretical modelling of Magnetic Mie scattering  

Work Experience

More than 7 years.

Educational Qualification

M. Sc. (Physics)

Courses Taught

Engineering Physics to First year BE students

Portfolios in the Institute

(1) Result Analysis

(2) AISHE Nodal Officer
(3) ACPC Nodal Officer

Training and Workshop

(1) Advances in Material Science and Technology

(2) Fluid Mechanics

(3) Mechanics in Physics

(4) Induction Phase - 1

(5) Electromagnetic Theory

(6) Enhancement of Professional Skills

(7) Induction Phase - 2

(8) Technology vision: A Journey to Research for Electrical and allied branches of Engineering

(9) Flipped Learning – Reimagine Learning

(10) Nano-Technology and Nano-Material for Engineering Applications

(11) Instructional Resources Development for MOOCs

Research Projects

- NIL -


(1) Magnetically Induced Mie Resonance in a Magnetic Spheres Suspended in Ferrofluid

(2) Energy transport velocity in bidispersed magnetic colloids

(3) "Optical Transport in Bidispersed Magnetic Colloids with Varying Refractive Index"

(4) Diffusive light transmission in bentonite colloids Induced self assembly in magnetic nano fluids

(5) Magnetically Tunable Refractive Index to Measure Optical Transport in Magnetizable Medium

(6) Magnetic field dependent unusual light transport in magnetic colloids

(7) Magnetically Tunable Photonic Effects in Magnetic Nanofluids

(8) Magnetic Field Dependent Resonant Light Scattering by Magnetic Spheres in Magnetizable Medium

(9) Temperature and Size Dependence of Structural Anisotropy in Presence of Magnetic Field – A Study to Control Light Transport

(10) A New Vista in Magnetic Modulation of Light Scattering by Magnetic Spheres in Magnetic Medium

Academic Projects

- NIL -

Patent Filed

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Professional Institution Membership

(1) Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT)

(2) Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)

Expert Lectures

- NIL - 


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