Faculty Details

  • Designation : Professor
  • Qualification : M.Tech., Ph.D.
  • Experience : 31 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Manufacturing Processes, Advance Manufacturing Processes, CAM

Educational Qualification

Ph.D (Engineering), Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India (2000-2004).

M.Tech. (Mechanical Engg.), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, India (1998-2000).

B.E. (Production Engg.), Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat, India (1986-1990).

Work Experience

1. Assistant Professor

Shantilal Shah Engineeing College, Bhavnagar, India, Nov.-91 to Jan.-04 

2. Associate Professor and Head
a) Shantilal Shah Engineeing College, Bhavnagar, India, Jan.04 to Dec.-06 
b) L. E. College, Morvi, India, Dec.-06 to May-15    
c) Shantilal Shah Engineeing College, Bhavnagar, India, May-15 to Sept.-16  

3. Professor and Head
Shantilal Shah Engineeing College, Bhavnagar, India, 26th Sept.-2016 to Continue (Experience-1 Year and 8 Months)

(Total Teaching Experience – 26 Years and 06 Month)

Skills and Knowledge

Academic Administration and Teaching various subjects of Production Engineering

Courses Taught

Various subjects of Production Engineering like Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Computer Aided Manufacturing , Plant Engineering. Quality Control and Management.

Training and Workshops

1. Orientation (Induction Training) Program.

2. Intelligent Mfg. System
3. Advance Mfg.Technology
4. Concept and Tech. for competitive Mfg.
5. RAM in Mfg. Engg.
6. STTP on C and C++
7. Optimum Utilization of Internet
8. Computer Peripherals and Servicing
9. Innovations in Mfg.
10. Industrial Training
11. Networking & Insti. Mgmt
12. Design & Mfg
13. Research Potential using MATlab
14. Recent Trends in Mech.Engg.
15. Develop. Research & cons. using CAD/CAM/CAE
16. Product Design by Solid Works
17.Design-Modelling and Simu. using MasterCAM & Solidwork


Production Engineering Department-Head
Student Section  
Administrative Office
Account Officer
Academic Council Member
GTU Examination Coordinator
PDDC admission Committee
Chairman-Board of Studies
Store Officer

Research Projects




 1. Paper published on title “Numerical Modeling of Resistance Spot Welding of Aluminum Alloys” at the International Conference on “Advance Welding and Cutting Technology (IWC-2001)” held at New Delhi (INDIA) during 15-17 February, 2001.

 2. Paper published on title “Finite Element Analysis of Resistance Spot Welding for Aluminum Alloys” at the International Conference on “Joining of Materials” held at Helsingr, (DENMARK) during 11-14 May, 2001.

 3. Paper published on title “WWW Interactive Learning Environment for Manufacturing Engineering” at the International Conference on “Information and Communications Technologies (ICTE-2002)” held at Badajoz (SPAIN) during 13-16 November, 2002.

 4.Paper accepted on title “Finite Element Modeling of Resistance Spot Welding” at the International Conference on “Computer Technology in Welding” held at Orlando (Florida, USA) on 18th June, 2003.

 5. Paper accepted on title “Internet Based Continuous Learning Environment for Manufacturing Engineering” at International Conference on “Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications” held at Honolulu, (Hawaii, USA) during June 23-28, 2003.

 6. Paper published on title “Performance test of CI Engine with diff. vegetable oil as fuel” in Intl. journal of Engg. Trends & Tech. (ISSN:2231:5381), Vol.-2,Issue-3-2011, Pg-31-34.

 7. Paper published on title “Anticipating Emissions and suggestions for reducing exhaust emission with cnsl as fuel” in Intl. journal of Scientific and Engg. Research (ISSN:2229:5518), Vol.-3,Issue-1-2012, Pg-1-3.

 8. Paper published on title “Bio-Diesel as an alternate fuel for pollution control in diesel enginel” in Intl. journal of Mgmt, IT and Engg. (ISSN:2229:0558), Vol.-2,Issue-4-2012, Pg-94-100.

 9. Paper published on title “Wheel-Rail Contact Fatigue” in Intl. journal of Engineering Research & Applications (ISSN: 2248:9622), Vol.-3,Issue-2-April-2013, Pg-53-57.

 10. Paper published on title “Analysis of Wheel Surface Geometry” in Intl. journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology  (ISSN:2319:8753), Vol.-2,Issue-8-Aug.-2013, Pg-53-57.

Academic Projects


Professional Institutions Membership

Life Member of ISTE

Expert Lecture