Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : M.E
  • Experience : 10 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Manufaccturing, CAD/CAM, Design, Operation research,Fluid mechanics

Educational Qualification

M.E. Mechanical- M.S.University,Baroda(2008)

B.E. Production -S.S.Engineering College,Bhavnagar(2006)


Lecturer- Production Engineering Department- SSEC,Bhavnagar(2008-2010)

Assistant Professor- Mecchanical Engineering Department- Gandhinagar Institute of Technology-2010-2011
Assistant Professor- Mecchanical Engineering Department-SSEC,Bhavnagar(From April 2011)

Skills and Knowledge

Knowledge of :

(1)MATLAB and Simulink
(2) Minitab 

Courses Taught

(1)Machine Design

(2) Operation  Research
(3) Fluid Mechanics
(4) Elements of Mechanical Engineering
(5) Design of Machine Elements
(6) Quality Engineering
(7) Computer Aided Design
(8) Computer Aided Manufacturing


(1)Two week STTP "Induction Phase-1", BPTI,Bhavnagar(25/2/2013 to 8/3/2013)

(2) One week STTP "Current trends in Computational methods for PDES and Fluid mechanics",SVNIT,Surat(19/8/2013 to 23/8/2013)
(3)Two week STTP"Quality management by TQM,Sixsigma ,Kaizen,5s and 4P", NITTTR,Bhopal(25/11/2013 to 6/12/2013)
(4)One week STTP" Advanced Quality Engineering Techniques", SVNIT,Surat(7/3/2014 to 7/7/2014)
(5)One week STTP" Modelling and Optimization techniques for engineering Applications", SVNIT,Surat(19/5/2014 to 23/5/2014)
(6)One week STTP" Catia for Mechanical Engineers" ,RCTI,Ahmedabad(8/9/2014 to 12/9/2014)
(7)One week STTP"Siemens controller &CIM", L D ENGG. COLLEGE,Ahmedabad(18/5/2015 to 22/5/2015)
(8)One week STTP "Research Potentials using MATLAB", SSEC,Bhavnagar(15/6/2015 to 19/6/2015)
(9) One week STTP" Product Design by Solidworks", SSEC,Bhavnagar(12/10/2015 to 16/10/2015)
(10)Two week STTP" Induction Phase 2", RCTI,Ahmedabad(14/12/2015 to 25/12/2015)
(11)Two week STTP"Summer School in Fluid mechanics"IIT,Gandhinagar(6/6/2016 to 18/6/2016)
(12)One Week STTP" Personality Development and positive thinking", NITTTR,Bhopal(7/11/2016 to 11/11/2016)
(13)One Week STTP"NBA Accreditation", RCTI,Ahmedabad(9/1/2017 to 13/1/2017)
(14) One Week STTP"Technological Advancements in MMechanical Engineering", SSEC,Bhavnagar(6/2/2017 to 10/2/2017)
(15)Two Week STTP" 808 D Sinumerik Controller using CIM", GEC,Bhavnagar

Portfolio details

(1) Academic Time table- Departmental

(2) Account -Central 
(3) Training and Placement- Central

Research Projects


Research Paper details

(1)Optimization Of Green Sand Casting Process parameters by  Taguchi method&

Artificial Neural Network- International Journal of Modern Engineering Research-ISSN: 2249-6645-2013
(2) Optimization of green sand casting process parameters by Artificial Neural Network-Trends in Mechanical Engineering and Technology-ISSN:2347-9965-2016
(3)Minimizing The Sand casting defects using Taguchi method-Trends in Mechanical Engineering  & Technology-ISSN: 2347-9965-2016
(4) Optimization ofGreen Sand castingProcess Using Genetic Algorithm-Trends in Machine Design-ISSN: 2455-3352-2017
(5)A Review Paper in Sand Casting Defects-International
 Journal of Advanced Engineering and Research development
-ISSN:2348-6406 -2018

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Patent Filed


Professional Institution membership


Expert Lecture