Mrs. Amee Mankad

Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : M.E. (El. & Commu.)
  • Experience : 27 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Embedded Systems, Video transmission, Image processing

Skill and Knowledge

Tool and Technologies

C programming, Assembly language Programming for 8085, 8086, 8051, AVR Microcontroller, ARM Processor, MATLAB, SciLab, PSpice

Interpersonal Skill

Teaching, Learning, Students Counseling

Communication skills,  Team Working,  Public Speaking,  Leadership 

Language Skill

Gujarati (Speak, Read, Write)

English (Speak, Read, Write)

Hindi (Speak, Read, Write)


Work Experience

Lecturer, Power Electronics

L. E. College, Morbi  (Year 1995 to 2004)

Lecturer, Electronics & Communication

L. E. College, Morbi  (Year 2004 to 2007)

Assistant Professor Electronics & Communication

Government Engineering College, Rajkot (Year 2007 to 2015)

Assistant Professor Electronics & Communication

Shantilal Shah Engineering College, Bhavnagar (Year 2015 to Till Date)


B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

Shantilal Shah Engineering College, Bhavnagar,  Bhavnagar University

First Class with Distinction ( 1993)

M. E. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

Gujarat Technological University

(9.02 CPI) First Class with Distinction (2013)

Courses Taught


Computer Programming & Simulation


Basic Electronics


Digital Logic Design


Microprocessor Programming & Interfacing


Simulation & Design tools


Audio & video Systems


Micro-controller & interfacing


Advance Microprocessor


Satellite Communication


Optical communication


Telecommunication Systems & Switching Networks


Embedded Systems


Fiber Optic Communication (PG)


Training/ Workshop Attended

Title of Training/ Workshop

Training Provider’s Institute

Duration in Date

C programming Language & OPP (in C++) ( 2 Weeks)

S P College of Engineering, Mumbai

9/12/1997 to 20/12/1997

Entrepreneurship Awareness Program

L. E. College, Morbi

15/7/1999 to 17/7/1999

Industrial Training    

(2 Weeks)

Bliss Computer Academy, Rajkot

11/11/2002 to 23/11/2002

Industrial Training

 (2 Weeks)

Microchip Technologies Private Ltd,

5/5/2003 to 17/5/2003

Industrial Training

(2 Weeks)

Micro Access Pvt. Ltd.

16/5/2005 to 11/6/2005

Web Technology

(2 weeks)

AV Parekh Technical Institute, Rajkot

31/5/2010 to 11/6/2010

Institute Database Management using MS Access (2 weeks)

AV Parekh Technical Institute, Rajkot

19/7/2010 to 30/07/2010

Development of teaching learning resources using software and web technology in       engineering education

(2 weeks)

L.E. College, Morbi

27/12/2010 to 7/1/2011

One day seminar by Mathworks India on  "MATLAB & Simulink for Engineering Education"

Mathworks India Ltd.


One day technical symposium on "AVR Micro controller & its Applications"

Mathworks India Ltd.


One day seminar by Mathworks India on  "MATLAB & Simulink for Engineering Education"

Mathworks India Ltd.


Embedded systems using ARM 7 and Embedded C

R.K. University Rajkot

14/10/2013 to 18/10/2013

TI MSP 430 architecture programming and application

GEC, Rajkot

18/11/2013 to 22/11/2013

Embedded system design using microcontrollers

IISC Banglore

2/12/2013 to 7/12/2013

Induction Phase – I

( 2 Weeks)

GEC ,Rajkot

6/1/2014 to 17/1/2014

Karmyogi Talim

CTE, Gandhinagar

27/1/2014 to 29/1/2014

Advances in MATLAB Applications in Engineering ( 2 Weeks)

AVPTI Rajkot

16/6/2014 to 27/06/2014

Control system

( 2 Weeks)

IIT Kharagpur @ R.K. University

2/12/2014 to 12/12/2014

FPGA based digital system design



25/05/2015 to 29/05/2015


Use of multimedia as an effective teaching tool

ISTE,Rajkot , Government

 Polytechnic Rajkot

08/06/2015 to 19/06/2015



Recent Research Trends in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

S. S. Engineering College, Bhavnagar


3/12/2015 to 8/12/2015



Scope and Initiative in engineering Research for Women

S. S. Engineering College, Bhavnagar


18/1/2016 to 22/1/2016



Embedded System design using  AVR Microcontroller



2/5/2016 to 6/5/2016

Technology Vision: A Journey to Research for Electrical and Allied Branches of Engineering

S. S. Engineering College, Bhavnagar


3/10/2016 to 7/10/2016

Recent trends in Electrical Power Engineering

S. S. Engineering College, Bhavnagar

16 /1 /2017 to 20/1/2017


International faculty development Program

CTE, Gandhinagar,        

 S. S. Engineering College, Bhavnagar

09/2/2017 to 10/2 2017 & 24/3/2017


Animation & Graphics


ISTE_Rajkot ,

Government Polytechnic Rajkot

29/5/2017 to 9/6/2017




Institute Level Portfolios



Coordinator Central time Table Committee


Member Women Anti harassment Cell


Member Women development cell


Member Women Grievance & Girls counseling Cell


Member IISP CEll

Department Level Portfolios



Coordinator PG Programm


Coordinator Training & Placement Cell


Coordinator Industrial Visits


Coordinator CoE Training


Research Projects




“Low Data rate wireless Video Transmission : Microcontroller based real time application using ATmega AVR’, IJCEE,  ISSN : 0975-4202, Volume: 4, Issue : 2, July-December-2012


“Implementation Of Eye Gesture Recognition Algorithm for Hands Free Control of an Intelligent Wheel Chair”, NCERTE, IPR/VGEC, Chandkheda, April, 2016.


“Video processing, wireless communication as ultimate security system: A Review”, ETCVWCIA-2016, National conference organized by IPR/GEC Rajkot.


“Analysis of F5 algorithm and improvised F5 algorithm in image hiding with quality safeguarding and video hiding by improvised F5 algorithm”, IJMTER, ISSN : 2393-8161,Volume: 4, issue : 10, October- 2017.


“Comparison and analysis of F5 algorithm and PVD technique based stenography for data hiding in terms of MSE and PSNR parameters”, IJSRD, ISSN: 2321-0613, Volume: 5, Issue: 3, May-2017.


“Design of Gilbert Cell Mixer Using CMOS Technology”, IJAMTES, ISSN: 2249-7455, Volume: 8, Issue: 4, April-2018.


“Design of Single to Differential Amplifier using 180 nm CMOS Process”, IJMTE, ISSN: 2249-7455, Volume: 8, Issue: 5, May-2018.

Academic Projects


Patent Filled


Professional Membership



Expert Lectures